I have only seen sad and more sad news and pictures about the situation now between Palestine and Israel. Maybe they have truce, but the life of the Palestinians has turned into a living hell.
It makes me feel sick in my stomack.

So I wan't to write to you something happy about my life now.
In my life; there is this man.. He wishes to meet me and see if we would be good to marry.
This situation exites me and scares me aswell. Ofcourse I like him very very much and I feel we could be perfect together, but also scares me; he is not from my country and thinking about moving to strange country without any real friends or family scares me so much! Or the other way around, if he moves to my country, how does he adapt to this very different environment?
What would I do if I had argument with him? Where would I go and with who I would talk about this? Or any problems? Were would be my safetynetwork of friends who listen to all my problems? Or if I need my mom or dad; how could I bear without them?
But then again; he is so nice. He has so great sense of humor and he is as crazy as I am, so maybe we would not have so many big problems...? And I'm sure he would treat me nicely and would be so gentle to me.
Well, I think I need so much time to think and adjust to any big desicion what may come, I hope someday I'll be married to my prince ;)