Today I realised how much the conditions where you live in, shape your nature as a humanbeing.
This evening I finally got my friend online and she told me what had happen in her city lastnite and today. I also found a link to news site where is a short story of what happened.
My friends was still uppset of what she had gone thru, but she managed to tell me few things. She said that Israeli soldiers came to her city with heavy arms and tanks and was maybe searching some militant or something. Soldiers had been outside her home shouting all people to go in and stay in or the will shoot. Soldiers also bombed something there but no one knows what because they are not allowed to go out now.
To me this sounds like a war zone, something so horrible that no human should ever live in conditions like that! Its even worse then a war zone, because in war there are soldiers fighting against other soldiers, they are trained to do so, but in Palestine there are only normal people, families, older people, students, kids, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters trying to keep what is theirs, trying to defend their rights to live and the soldiers attack them all the time with advanced war equipment, when these ordinary people on the defending side has mostly rocks and home made weapons to fight back.
I read from news that Israeli soldiers had shoot a woman in the back because maybe she was throwing rocks at the soldiers.
I cant even imagine how brave people Palestinians are. I wanna say to all people in Palestine; you are the bravest people on earth!
The people who I have had privilige to talk to in my msn, has still been warm and kind hearted people only trying to find happy moments in their life and trying to live and go on, regardless of the horrible things what happen daily in their or their loved ones lifes.
Amazing how they manage to keep their innosence and positive thinking in conditions like that! What a strong people they are!
If I was living in Palestine, I dont know how would I survive in the midlle of this and I think the Palestinian people too sometimes have only prayers on their side..