Disbelief is sneaking to my heart and filling it slowly up one bit by another..
What I read from the news aimed to western world I see positive writings about peace negotiations and thoughts of Palestinian state and so on, but when I dig up news straight from Palestine I see even more violence happening now, even more towns facing brutality, both Gaza and West Bank are under severe attacks towards both people and building. So may lifes is lost in these few days, so many injuries, so many little innocent spirit has seen much violence, lost and sorrow. And someone has the nerve to lie infront of the whole world about cease-fire?!
My eyes are trouble to believe what I see and my heart feels great agony for this!
Im so sorry for the children of Palestine; to grow up believing the whole world has forgotten them. Im so sorry for all the people in Palestine to represent Europe and Finland who seem not care.
If only the leaders of the world knew what I know, or if only the public here at west knew what I know; then they might pressure Israel to stop.
I can only hope that this diary is good and people reads this gladly, even though stories here usually are not so happy, but the more we have readers the more someone is thinking of Palestine and the more opinions change and people talk about this and maybe someday most of people would stand on the side of peace and justice and this exploitation and killing would end.
That is all I wish for..