21th of June
Today the hit was the news of Israel preparing itself to attack Iran, i'm starting to wonder why the truce was made! i dont want to start with my own conclusions and personal thoughts i just want to say that it seems that a new world war is on the doors of the middle east, the things that are occupying most of our days here are ..war, war, and more war!
here you can find more detailed news about Israel's plan which is not very clear... at least not to me!
away from the news.. I'm reading a book today, it's by Joachim Fernau, the original title of the book is "Halleluja-die Geschichte der USA" in German but i cant find it in English, in Arabic it's titled رحمتك يا الله"". at this time I'm reading it in Arabic to better understand it. this book is something like I've never read before, it's an open source of American history from the author's point of view [who is German], i think everyone in this world should read it only because it's a "different" point of view that not many know about, my intention is not to promote this book here but it is to request from you to try open your eyes to see the whole picture from different point of views and not only the one that the media planted in you, even if you may not agree with everything...read to grow better. in the beginning of that book page 12 i read in what it means; "the 16th century witnessed a huge turning point; native Indians -whom the white person started to exterminate the areas where they hunted for food- learned hatred of the white person which made their extinction something definite and became a barrier between them and saving themselves, and turning easily into servants! instead of giving up their homes in a liberal way, thinking in a rational way or relaxing, the Indians did something that cost them their lives; they believed in their right, so can you imagine something like that!"
it seems that history is repeating itself in a similar way here in Palestine, growing under the oppression of the occupation [sometimes without parents] and facing humility and torture by Israeli soldiers; opened the door of hatred and more violence on this holy land. let's pray that someday it will end for good, let's pray for mercy on the world that held us if not on the human beings who are our brothers and sisters in humanity!
my friend; i miss your news, i ask my Lord that you and your family are in all health and happiness, i cant wait to read how your days went by.