Today I got very sad news. One other friend of mine in Gaza had a friend killed today by Israel.
I am very worried about my other friends there, I wish I hear from them soon!
My day today has been running errands here and there and in the mean while trying to come to online to see if any of my friends have been online.
I told my friend lastnite that I wanna help them or someone who needs help in Palestine, I know there are many volunteer organisations perhaps at the area too, but I thought it would be nicer to ask if I could send little something straight to her and she would help someone who needs it the most.
I know its not much, but maybe it helpes someone..

I try to think something more to write now, but all I have in my mind are those dead people who had been killed today. I saw a picture of one of them in net, young man just about to reached his manhood. I am thinking in my mind.. How cruel is this world to humans? Are we so stupid and blind not to know the reason why all these people are dieing there? I still don't belive in terrorism, I'm sorry if that shocks someone, but I think there is a nation who has been oppressed for decades and they have no other choice but to try to fight back. And this is what we here call terrorism?
Who and why someone wants us to believe so? Who benefits this situation? What do they want? What is the reason for doing this? All kinds of questions are running in my mind and I have a feeling I'm not the only one..
..but where could I get answers to my questions? And if I got answers from someone, would it help any? What could we do to make this stop?
Inside my heart, I feel the despair of Palestinians and my simple mind cannot understand why this is happening and my stubborn nature refuses to think there is nothing to do!
My mind is frozen now.. I think I will continue my thoughts tomorrow insha'llah..