Some people say that things are getting better in Palestine, but my friend hasnt been online except for a little while, they have no electricity again! Also I read about news and so many people has been killed in these few days and so many has been captured and so many homes has been smashed..
I feel sad for Palestine.
The security fence or wall or what ever they wanna call it; Israel keeps moving it further and further to Palestine and "eating" their land and building homes for Israeli people.
I have read that the Israelis say the reason why they take the Palestinian land is the Palestinians don't have proper ownership certificate to the land what has been their familys for centurys or decades.. by that reason anyone could hijack have of the lands on this planet!
It's not fair at all..
Maybe the world is scared of Israel? Or maybe they are hated all around the world and no one wants them to live as neighbours? Or maybe this is once again one big injustice what we humans let happen infront of our eyes and do nothing about it.
For 60 year has Israel and Palestine fought about the land of Palestine. But who has the right to live there? There is no easy answer to that question.. But I think it should be solved peacefully and by someone who is neutral to both countrys.

Im happy that I saw my friend quickly last night online, well I'm happy that she was ok and her family too, but that was maybe the only good news in her town. Other people and familys had faced lot's of grief and many lifes had lost too.
For me yesterday was an ordinary day, nothing big happened here yesterday.
Today wasn't that good; my ex husband found me from one online community and asked access to my kids album. Ofcourse he has the right to see it and I will give him the access; I just am afraid he might destroy my life once again as he did 3,5 years ago. I have never recovered from that and the scars what was left in me has never healed. I haven't had a relationship after him, what is very unusual here in Finland, and I think I never can have an average relationship again because of the trauma he caused me what is with me every day and I'm afraid it will never go away too..

Sometimes I wonder.. If one human can cause so big trauma to one family with few minutes of violence and rage, what can a whole army cause to one human or one village with many days or years of violence? Do they ever recover from that? Is there anyone helping them to recover? Do they have the same right to live normal and safe life as we do? Who is to decide whos life is more valuable then the others?