..the more I see the news and actions of Israel, the more I belive Israel is the biggest terrorist of all times, not only towards Palestine, but towards so many countrys who they have attacked and where they have done killings and tortures and humiliated people without any mercy.
And the more I find these storys, pictures, news; the more I believe we; the white christian people are the most evil, retarded, savage and stupid of all. We think our way of thinking is the only right one, the best one. We think our rules and believes are the best ones, the true ones. But we have no idea, in our big thinking of freedom; we have no idea of real freedom. The freedom of be who you are! Why do we want to FORCE the rest of the world to be like us, to act like us, to believe like us??!! WHERE IS THEIR FREEDOM??? Who are we to decide this is the right way, this is the true way? Why can't we let others be as they are??
Maybe they have the right way too.. You all should think of that!