around 2 a.m. last night i got a chance to sleep. after 2 hours of terrorizing and shooting on people, the Israeli army decided to leave our town with nothing.
i do not know why they came last night, there's suppose to be a truce with the Egyptian side as a mediator with an agreement that things would be calm with no shooting from any side. i was hoping things would get better but seems that it's all the same if not even worse. I'm feeling tired today and worried maybe. i read what my friend posted about her ex, it really is disturbing what people would do to harm other people, i wish if i can be of any help to you my friend, i'm afraid all i can do is pray, you deserve all good... you are in my prayers.
those who are in position to make decisions are closing their eyes and shutting their hearts and minds from accepting reality. well here is a reality that needs to be seen; there are thousands of Palestinian women and men and children in Israeli prisons, around 50% of these prisoners are minors! this is a case that everyone should pay attention to, the suffering that these children face everyday, the torture they go through is unbearable. you fought for animals rights and gained that, you can help us practice our human rights, rights that are already been declared! children are prisoners... in what law is this acceptable?! or is it that Israel makes laws that govern the whole world now?!
imagine if this is happening to your own son or daughter, imagine if it's happening to your mother of sister... will you accept it?!