Oh, I'm so happy to read about my friends posts!
Today I have been very angry, my car is broken and this morning I planned to have biiig cleaning day but my washing machine went broken too. So my day was ruined.
But just a few minutes ago I was chating with one frined from Gaza and he reminded me about real concerns, like family and friends; my family and friends are all alive and feeling great! We all have homes etc. So little trouble with transportation or washing clothes shouldn't ruin a day of anyone!
So, I try to forget that now and be happy for what I have!
And I'm happy for the truce too! I hope Israel wouldn't start any new wars with anyone and I hope they would stop building own homes on Palestine land too! Maybe that is too big wish, but I still pray for that..
I am in a hurry, I have to go walk my dogs. I will come back later to read and write more iA. Salam my friend and thank God you are allright!