I've had a happy day today. I was helping a friend who was in knee surgery yesterday and after got home made delicious lunch to me and my kids..
I read my friends post just a while ago and am wondering.. Who is it who get's to decide who has a privilege to live happy and carefree life and whos life will be harder?
There are people among us, who has suffered more then they deserve. And there are nations who has suffered decades because of other nation.
Im used to think of us western people; that we are very smart, educated, intelligent and we have high standards on human rights, but as I find more information daily what proves me so wrong and that truly makes me so sad.
Maybe we are blinded by our superiority and cannot see clearly anymore? Or maybe we have set standards what truly cannot be set by us?
Because all people should have the same rights... to defend them selves, to be treated equally as us, to be heard. It shouldnt matter from what continent or what color they are or if their homeland happen to be on a place what someone else want's too. There should not be a king on this planet who gets to decide wether they are friends with "us" or "them". We all should be equal with the same rights to live our lifes.
In Palestine is now a siege. They have no access to normal life. They live on a war zone, kids, adults, older people and animals too. I think it has last too long already and should be stopped by someone.
Here I see normal life and i could describe it like this: I wake up at morning, sun is shining thru my window to my bed, I get up and go make me some coffee and go walk my dogs out. Then i sit on my pc and drink my morning coffee in peace and after that i go wake up my kids. One of them is in school already and the smaller one is at home with me.
As the day goes by i take the younger kid to a childrenspark to play with other children and go walking again with my dogs and maybe see friends too, sometimes I use this time for shopping or running errands. In normal life as I see it is all the necessities as u can imagine, I mean all the things I need for hygiene, all the things I need for transportation, All the things I need for my hobbies, all the things I need for nutrition plus all the things I happen to need for fun. If I would be a day without electricity, that would be a long day for me.. Or if I was a week without my car, that would be a long week too.
But in Palestine.. This must be just normal to everybody; to try to live their lifes without having all the necessary things they need. And not only it cause sorrow and despair but also many lives has been lost because of the siege.
So I wonder.. Why my life here is more valuable to world then my friends life there? Because if Finland would be under siege, it would be over before it has even be started!