i don't know if i will be successful using words this night or not, but i want to try.
anger is overcoming me this time, a lot of people had been killed these days in Gaza,a lot has been captured by Israelis with the crime of defending Palestine...even by words! while an Israeli decision [supported by many foriegn powers] has been made to build more than 1300 house units in western Jerusalem Israel is announcing a "new" large scale military break-in operation in Gaza. i say that is just a way to draw the media's attention away from the crimes that are really happening in Gaza every day! what media attention when i open NBC news home page and see nothing in detail about what is happening here?! what media attention when i see the msn featured story is about the latest news of some Hollywood celebrity?!
it's been long since we've been wishing for good news, very long. by saying this i am only trying to bring attention to a land eager for some. this is the holy land where once peace was an example. I'm only hurt that Palestine and Palestinians children and elderly are hurting, young lives are slipping away, i do smile just by being on this land, being part of it trying my best to help heal the wound, learning something new everyday from those who fall from those who live and survive. i read that my friend loves nature... i do love nature too and i smile watching birds flying around building their nests on our house's window, from the top of our mountain here i can see eagles too, they fly higher than the mountain as if they touch the sky, watching them makes me feel happy, they are survivor creatures, they are freedom lovers..and that shows me greatness, a greatness this land has witnessed.
this may seem silly but since i was a kid i always wanted to fly and watch earth from above with no checkpoints, no borders... just land and water, i wonder how it feels for eagles, well i may never know but i sure wanna try to imagine that. when we were kids and when any Israeli attack happen my mother used to tell us to put our hands on our ears while she would start singing loud so we sing loud too, doing that i managed to clear my mind as if i freeze time with only one picture .. my mom singing, activate my flying imagination in what so called "my own world" just to forget what i hear... now i do not want to forget i do not want to close my ears nor keep silent, it is time to shout! this is my God given right. where i live it is suppose to be area A which means it is all under Palestinian authority, in other words it should be "safe" without any Israeli interfering, still the Israeli army comes and goes every time they wish to take anyone, or destroy any house, or just stop us from leaving our houses. i do not know when our time will come but i know that we do not sit down waiting for our time to come, because we love life we try our best to live it, we try to make sure that our kids would have a chance, we go to school, we work, we sell and buy, we strive together, we enjoy nature and we pray for peace. it does make me angry when i see my people dying, my sisters and brothers suffering... it makes me angry because i am a human being with feelings! there is nothing to be ashamed of, what we are is something that we can never change but who we are is the thing that will always change, be ashamed of who you are not not of who you are. awaken!
a lot of images are knocking the doors of my brain now but i'll have to answer that some other time, now it passed 12 a.m. at this very moment i hear bombing around the area and i'm off to see what is going on. my friend if you are reading this please dont worry, by God's will i hope to talk to you soon.