Today's news shows more violations against ceasefire.
A 36 yeard old woman was shot in the leg while she was tending her sheep in north Gaza.
Israeli settlers launched two home made projectiles towards a Palestinian village.
Israelis shoot 9 yeard old with rubber bullets during peacefull protest near Ramallah.

These sad news make me so sad and helpless. Is it ever going to end? What could I do to help this situation?
My heart and mind is still astounded about the fact that world does not care what crimes is commited there everyday.

Is there any hope for the people of Palestine? If the world has no hope for them; how could they have?

One of my dreams is to see Palestine free and peacefull as it once was and to go visit the historical places and meet the kind people there.

I have seen pictures of the brave freedomfighters in internet and you can see from those pictures, even they wear maskes, but you can tell some of them are just young boys. But many of them have no other choise. There are no work, no hobbies, no safe, nothing normal; only evil and powerfull foreign military targetting who ever they want and no one is safe.

I wonder does Palestinians kids dream to be famous soccer player, or respected engineer?
Or is their only dream to see peace in their homeland?

They grow up in this insecurity, killing and bombing; knowing that the next day it could be them or their mothers who ends up shot to the head by the Israelis.
Their life from the very beginning is full of horrible things they witness and experience. I would concider it very careless if no one took any actions against these crimes and to defend their family, home and land.

But to some of the people here in "our side" of the world, taking these actions are concidered more crimes then the crimes committed by the Israelis. To some people it's ok if a foreign soldier shoots Palestinian kid, but when the father of that kid goes and shoots that soldier, that is act of terrorism!
How disturbed is this scene?
Sometimes I think; maybe people get some drug in their drinking water to be so calm and uncaring, sometimes even to be so stupid! Or what is the explanation to this situation? All the world has access to numerous human rights reports, numerous documentarys, documents, pictures, stories, news and all, it's all available to all of us, but why isn't it helping Palestine???

We have to have faith for peacefull and free Palestine. Maybe now it feels like distant dream, but someday it has to be possible! I keep dreaming of that..

And for my dear friend there; I will pray for you and your family and the whole country of Palestine! I hope you are ok and nothing bad has happened to you these days.
I dream about you and I get the chance to meet someday. It would be wonderful to meet the person who I feel so close now. To talk face to face with you, to meet your parents and the rest of the family. See happiness on your eyes and hear you laugh :)