I saw my friend online this evening. Her father is sick, he has medication, but medicin is little wrong kind and is affecting side effects.
We were talking about this blog and we are both so happy that people who has read this has liked it so much! I hope our blog reaches all sides of this world and all people in it too!
My friend showed me how to write my name in arabic letters, it was fun. She also tought me to write her name and a name of a dear friend of mine. How nice and thoughtfull was that!
I heard from another friend about Israeli strike to Gaza day or two ago killing one person and injuring more than 20, I also heard they have no electricity there at all times and no fuel. And that is ofcourse normal everyday life to them..
To me it still feels so sad. Its very easy to live life where I live. I dont have to fight about food, or even think where can I get food. I just walk 200 metres and I'm at my neighbourhood store and get the stuff I need. Its so difficult to try to think if life was like in Palestine. If I one day went to my store and there was no milk for example, or toilet paper, or bread. Or If i had to take my child to see the doctor and at the roadblock someone could deny me from going. Maybe even watch my child to suffer or even die in my arms and still wouldnt let me pass.
My life here is so calm and easy.
Things what we have and what we take for granted are somewhere else things what people don't have.
In Finland here we have human rights what say you are entitled to have medical treatment if you need it, no one can deny that from you! But in Palestine, it might just depend on the mood of the soldiers at the checkpoint!
And water; now it's summer in Finland too (finally) and I take my kids to swim everyday when it's over +20 because it is just too hot. We also drink alot of water, lemonades, juices and what ever we currently feel like having, but in Palestine; there is so much more hotter then we can ever imagine, and Israel is only giving them so little fresh water, the amount of the water Palestinians gets, is under the minimun daily standard as recommended by the World Health Organisation, whitch u can see here.
For me, it's a "must" to get to my morning shower everyday and if I don't drink enough water at hot days, I get weak and dizzy and might get a migraine.
So I wonder... How people in Palestine manage to survive without enough water? And how come the rest of the world allows this to happen? Is it not our business because they are arabs? Or because they are Muslims?
I wonder what God was thinking when he created us all here; we are all so different, but still creations of God. I'm sure we all have a purpose here, and I' sure that purpose is not to starve eachothers to death or to be unfair to eachother :)
I'm happy to know Palestinian people because I can learn so much from them! I can learn to appreciate the little things that I have, like fuel to my car or butter and cheese on my morning bread and coffee, toys for my children, school books, shampoo, computer, tv and the list is endless, but the most of all I can learn happiness because Palestinians are not sad or bitter people despite of what they go thru every day.
Palestinians are happy and full of life in a surroundings and conditions what could make a whole nation so mean and vicious..