Today I found more information of the cruelty what Israel does in Palestine now. Im very astonished that all this information is available to all people to read, but no one seem to care? Like this WHO water report whitch shows concern about used water to flow straight to the sea without cleaning because Israel dont allow Palestinias fix and use their water plants or let them have electricity so they could clean the used water. So now the water contains many bacterias what can spread illnesses like eye and ear infections and diseases like cholera and typhoid fever.
So to me seems like Israel is doing things now to other nations, what nazis did to them.
I'm sure someday this all will be judged as genoside, but how long do Palestinians have to suffer before someone puts an end to this?
Earlier today i was searching all different articles about situation there and also astonished about this separation wall whitch has been proclaimed to violate human rights
No one still seem to be interrested to stop Israel for building it..
Internet is full of documents and articles about Israel and the crimes what they do all the time, every single day, but world seem to silently given permission for them to continue!
Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by sorrow and knowledge of my incapability to help that I think in my mind; would it help if large group of western people would go there as a human shield or something, would it help or would it be the same as Palestinians? Would the world open their eyes then? Or would it make Israel to stop? Or would we all die like the Palestinians as no one cares?
Ofcourse this is only frustrated thinking, but sometimes people need to do serious actions to get the attention they need.
Now I even begin to see some actions little differently, I see now that sometimes if someone corners the other and years and years make that other suffer, the other has no choise but to perform a very bad action to make the world to see what really happened.
I do not accept strikes towards civilians, children, old people or any others than military people, but that includes all sides, not just one. In this situation, as in any other, is two sides and the world should know the story of both sides, not just one.
We should open our eyes and see why these things are happening, maybe they have no more choises...
I pray for quick solution for all their sake, but specially for the distressed people of Palestine. May God help them.