I begin this blog by telling you who i am.
I am a 32 year old single mom from country named Finland, its a beautiful and calm country in northern Europe next to Sweden and Russia.
My life is ordinary family life with my precious children and my pets and my hobbys :)
My passion is fairness in all things i see and helping people or nature in need is been my passion since i was a child.
My heart suffers so much when i hear my friends all around the world are not able to live their life as happily as I am.

Today a spoke to my friend in Palestine, a land close to my heart, and what she sees there everyday, things what she thinks as normal, makes me sick and wanna scream.
She told me she saw some fighter airplanes flying over her town this morning , maybe heading to Gaza. Few days back she heard bombing. And she is calm and has her joy of life in situation where I would be scared, panic and fearing of death. And she is doing her exams for her graduate at the same time when she see killing, misery and hunger all around her and yet she has the energy to start this small project with me to spread the word of Palestine people in need of the western world to see what truly happens there.

There is no terrorist attacing Isreal, There is only people who has lost their homes, their family members, their land, their dignity; trying to survive and keep the little what they have left and trying to fight against many times stronger and advanced exploiter who has a goal of getting it all by any means..

We are going to write here ordinary things what we have in our mind from the view of a Palestinian and from the view of an European.. And we hope to inspire conversations and thoughts about the difficult situation in Palestine and maybe some day there would be peace and happiness again :)