I am 19 and I go to college in the hope of providing for my family in the near future, it is very important that i get high grades to keep my scholarship, college is expensive, but i have to study if i want to get a full time job, a one that does not end by the end of the week. today i was suppose to take 2 exams, unfortunately i could only take one.
i had to drop a course today because i couldn't get to the final exam on time. my father is a little sick he has some heart disease problems, in Palestine not only the financial situation affects the lives of people but also the medical situation of the hospitals here, we don't have enough medicine nor do we have the right equipments for critical surgeries like an open heart surgery. you just need to learn how to deal with your pain yourself, it's hard but to us ... it's not impossible. here sometimes you would have to give up what you need in order to give a chance for others' needs to be fulfilled, to me being able to do such a thing is being honored. i would do anything for my family, that's what my mother did before me and that's what my grandmother taught her to do.
I cried today because i knew that my mother worked so hard to pay for that course and prayed the whole night for me, i cried because i wanted to get a good grade and pass with my friends, i cried because i knew that i could get a good grade. but now as the day ends i smile because today ... i was near my father when he needed me, i do not regret what happened because i think God has a better plan for me, if i do well in my other exams and pray hard i may keep my scholarship and be with my dad all at the same time. today i have been taught how to be stronger than what i was yesterday. praises be to God Who blessed me with seeing this day.