Again has gone few days not to hear from you my dear friend. I know the electricity is more and more cut there and maybe problems with the internet too, but I still worry about maybe something bad has happen...
I know Israel is arresting a lot of people too, I hope your family is safe and you too!

I had awful day today, my 12 year old daughter was out with her new mountainbike and she had left the bike somewhere to walk a little with her friends and locked the bike ofcourse, but when she got back the bike was gone!
Somebody tried to stole this same bike just a month or two ago, but failed.
My daughter called me and told the bike was gone, but I couldn't do anything about it because my other kid was sleeping at home and my car is broken too. So I went to my apartment's balcony where all my neighbours usually are and told them about the bike. One of my neighbours promised to watch over Miska, my 3 year old son and other borrowed his car and one of my neighbour's son came with me to search it.
We drove around and asked from many teenagers and after a while someone returned the bike to my daughter!
How lucky we are for that bike to be found!? Well, maybe it helped a bit that my neighbours son is very scary looking tattooed guy who was very very angry about the bike ;)
I hope this is the last time that bike is stolen!

Tomorrow Miska will go to his father for a sleepover and he promised to take Miska for a swim. I hope they have a good time!
I'm glad to have a freetime for my self. Maybe I use the time to train my dogs, haven't got time to do anything with them this summer.
One of my dogs is trained to search and rescue human's from different surroundings like forrests, waters, collapsed buildings and so on, but we didn't finish the training because I had too little time for that whitch truly was my dream and still is my dream to get to international rescue team and help so many people! But now I train them obediense and tracking of human.. Maybe someday we'll be back to rescue training!
Here he is in his working uniform :)