Praises be to the Lord Who gave me life.
It's been hard to sleep the last couple of days, though the past 2 weeks were "calm" here in my town. to be honest i do find a difficult time describing my days here simply because it's daily life becoming a routine too obvious to talk about, i felt strong when i read my friend's words, so beautiful is her life, so filled with colors. it lefts my heart that she cares despite the fact that she has what she needs. I'm sorry my dear friend, I'm sorry to make you worry.
2 nights ago while i was working on my computer around 10 pm i heard some gun shots and shouts rising breaking the silence of the night. some Israeli soldiers came to our town approaching from the main road with their heavy arms and military cars, i guess you can read about that online maybe it will better describe what happened without any emotions involved. but i want to tell you about the children of my neighborhood, i want to tell you about the people.
that night no one slept some people [including part of my family] were standing on their houses' roofs, from there you can better see the town, we could see the Israeli soldiers and the helicopters from above making the way "clear" to them by dropping those burners from the sky to light the area i don't know what we call them in English, it looked like drops of fire, pretty but dangerous. soldiers were shouting on everyone to go inside their homes but we need to witness what is happening and why. other people couldn't stand only witnessing, they went to the street, young people, youth, children and men, they just wanted to do something. what i like the most here is that everyone stands for everyone, people care about each other and protect each other no matter what circumstances may arise, why wouldn't we while our pain is one?! the soldiers started shooting to divide the crowd, people held stones and threw them, the wind carried stones, the wind carried bullets and tear gas. silence was not an option, shouts were a reason. small group of children 10-16 years old and some younger ones, youth my age with their homemade slings shouting and throwing stones, the soldiers preferred to leave the area for the moment, the children got back whistling celebrating their victory against fear. children here grow the day they born, watching their siblings, their cousins, their fathers, their mothers, their homes, their lands, themselves .. all caught between the claws of occupation, causes them to leave childhood. Oh my little brothers forgive me... you are men!
nations of the world... i wish if i could show you what i see, but now i can only write so please...awaken! not for me, for the children who maybe never enjoyed a swimming day or a play ground or even a healthy time at school, for the elderly who never had a day of peace since a very long time, we only ask for our rights, nothing more nothing less.