Tonight when I opened this blog to write, I have nothing in my mind. But I wanna write something, because maybe someone is waiting for new post! And I don't wanna fail that someone.
So I will tell you what I did today.
In my city was a rainy day, very dark and very wet, but I was out few times still. This was much colder rain than usually in summer time and that's why I don't like it much, but the nature and plants love it so I have to like it too!

One of my friends from Palestine asked me to talk with mic today and I hate it so much! I'm so shy and it feels so weird, but I did it anyway. And at the end it was fun and nice to hear someones voice from so far and was nice to make that person happy too!
I heard maybe there will be truce soon. I truly hope so!
I got an answer from this politician lady who I wrote email to yesterday. She is one of my countrys EU person and I expressed to her my concern about EU and Isralei relation. She answered me quickly and very good answer too. And she wrote Eu primeministers had criticized Israel of building those settlements and braking humanrights too! I hope all goes well for Palestinians and I hope there could be peace one day and forever!
Palestine is in my prayers and all my friends even more...