I didnt see my friend online yesterday. Maybe they didnt have elecricity? That means the conditions in work places like hospitals etc has been difficult again..
It's hard to think about those kind of conditions what Palestnians have to confront almost every day.
To me my yestardays most exiting moment was to dry myself to my new extra soft towel after shower!
This thing would not be in my mind if I would be living my life in occupied Palestine..

I love nature, I love early mornings and to wake up when birds are singing.. I wonder if there are any birds in Palestine? Maybe all they hear is helicopters and guns? Crying? Desperate voices and noises of war equipment.. Maybe the conditions are unbearable to even animals? But yet the brave people of Palestine are forced to live their lives-, raise their children-, take care of their old- and sick ones in conditions where no human or animal cannot survive without losing a bit of their heart every day. Children have no childhood like our children, young ones do not grow to be adults like our young ones and young adults dont look forward to marry and raise a family of their own like we do here.

Palestinian children grow up fast, they grow up surrounding by soldiers, hatred, demolition, fear, sorrow, unceratinty and all others inhuman conditions what we cannot even imagine here.
There is no childhood or growing from young to adult, children grow up fast to defend their land, to fight the occupier. There are no hope of a husband or wife and a car and a house, there is only hope to survive to the next day and if the next day come, maybe there is hope not to feel hunger that day.
I hope my dear friend that everything is ok with you. I hope you show up online today and tell me it was only the electricity what kept you away from the net. I hope your town has been quiet and no one has suffered there today.I hope you have had reasons to smile today instead of crying. I hope you have the strength to still hope for a better day to come. I hope you are alive.