Last night was cold, the fog covered the hells around, even though our houses are next to each other you can hardly see the neighborer's house, i guess that's why she was standing by the window looking into nothing. she was worried... a lot has been going on lately, a lot is on her shoulders, she's a mother, she has responsibilities... duties. she's not bothered by that, that was never the problem. the problem is that she ran out of food!
she was waiting for her salary this month, teaching for 24 years is not nothing, she needs the salary, her salary is the only income of the house. she was very excited during the day thinking that everything is going to be better. a tear dropped holding the picture of a promise she made to her youngest with a smile "i will get you some sweets today".now she knows that she shouldn't expect tomorrow to come, she shouldn't wait. in the morning she woke up strong to face the day that has came, she thought "maybe if i asked Mrs.Ibrahim i would find some extra money with her" but that wont work because Mrs.Ibrahim too is in need. so she borrowed a 100 nis from one neighbor across the street and 50 nis from another to get some food in the house and give her daughter money to go to school. my eyes witnessed that with tears and a shy smile.
the salaries are late again, hopefully they wont be late forever, Israel is holding the salaries because it is afraid that they go to some Hamas people, she is not from Hamas she's just a mom in need. a mother who hid her pain from her kids 3, 10 , 6, 18 years old, a mother who needs her earn to feed a family!
her only comfort is that her life, her kids' lives and sustenance are in the hands of God only, she has faith in God!