My kids are sleeping and I have time for my thougts again. I went to this forum I'm at and there is this topic about countrys where we wish to visit.
One my friend expressed his frustration about their futures and careers in Palestine, what presumable isn't much if any.
This made me think about a lot of stuff, but the most about where you happen to be born. It really makes a direction in your life and is the most affective thing what can be in life.
If you are lucky, you will be born in a country like Finland or Canada, but if you are not so lucky you could be born in countrys like Palestine or Sudan. I'm not even sure if luck has anything to do with this, it's more like where has your family lived and where your parents are currently living.
Anyway; I think it shouldn't make so much difference where you happen to be born. Shouldn't all babies have equal rights to live and grow?
Well, unfortunately it aint happening in this world. In this world it makes a huge different if you happen to be born in a place like Palestine for example.
It's almost like new born babies are marked to their forehead by a mark whitch mean; you have no future. Only the most bravest and wildest persons may brake this doom by doing something outrageous to clear their way out of there, to someplace where life is worth living.

It is impossible for me to understand how my friend is feeling there, because in my clean and peacefull world is nothing to even compare to his. Sometimes talking with people from Palestine makes me feel so quilty; quilty to live here, safe, with no bigger sorrows or problems, just floating thru the days..

At nights when I go to bed I try to visualise the surroundings what they have there, thinking could I manage thru a one sinlge day there?
I cannot imagine in my head situations there, but I think maybe seeing and living that makes human mind and soul different somehow, because they have managed to live there and their mothers and fathers and sons and daughters..
How do they do that? How they survive to another day?
In my mind the answer is clear; they do not have a choice.

So here I am in peacefull coutry of Finland, raising my two children to be responcible adults someday and my biggest fear is if they happen to end up with wrong company and start to get in to troubles. To me that is actually the biggest fear and I'm trying my best to act as a good role model to them to prevent this to happen..
And when I think of mothers my age in Palestine..
What are their biggest fears? To lose their home if not already happened? To lose a child or maybe many? To lose your family? Living? I bet there are no room for worries of wrong company..
I think my biggest fear is not even a fear at all in Palestine. They would be happy if they had fears like mine as their biggest!
So again that makes me sad about the fact that all human are not equal in this beautiful world of ours.
I wish there was something I could do to change this...