Today is the first day of graduation exams, it is what we call here tawjihi, it's a huge thing here and all over the Arab world, those who pass these exams get to college. the exams were late to come this year [as always] because some Israeli soldier held them on a checkpoint for "checking". every book every paper, the whole education system has got to be approved by Israel before getting in the hands of Palestinians. 75,000 students at least awaited for this day in Gaza and the West Bank. under siege, kids will be taking exams these up coming 20 days in some cities without electricity, without enough food, without enough water, without a home to return to, or even after the lost of some family members. Ahmad has a story to tell about this day, he's a 17 years old student from Gaza, around a month and a half ago he left his house to go take a course in a near by neighborhood getting ready for such a huge day like today, as he was walking there a helicopter shot a missile.
he cant walk any more, he lost most of his 2 legs, his left arm and his right arm's fingers, his young body has been smashed, it's a miracle that he's still alive, praises be to the Lord! he just woke up yesterday. he said "i want to take the exams and i will succeed because the occupation can never stop me from learning". the occupation took parts of Ahmad's body but it has not taken his hope, it has not touched his faith. i am proud to relate to people with such carriage, i am proud to tell their story, i am never scared to speak about them. maybe you will be too busy trying to find the right cloths matching with the right shoes and bags, or answering your phone having a party or driving your car to work, Ahmad will be busy trying to survive, trying to succeed after a month and a half in a coma. in his own words he prays that the pain doesn't hit during exam time so he can focus, please take one minutes of your time to pray with him and all others who are trying to have an education under the shadows of apache helicopters!
i saw something different than a missile when i was at school taking final exams. many students have seen different things which makes different stories, some of these stories are trapped on a checkpoint somewhere in the West Bank or Gaza, others are buried with their tellers, some are scared to see the light. but they all are witnesses, drawing history even by silence... at least to those who lived them.
since i started typing i was thinking of something to say to my friend, but i am afraid the words are betraying me, if i tried to comfort you I'm sure i will fail and i sure do not want you to feel scared. forgive me.