Last night my mind was so empty I couldnt think of anything to write..
I had a change to talk with my friend yesterday and heard about what had happen in their town.
we all know about Americans and how they capture suspected terrorists and keep them in places like Guantamo for indefinite time.
Israel does the same..
Israel had rushed to a town and captured people and took them to a place what no one knows. Among the people they took was fathers, brothers and sons of someone.
Israel takes prisoners by the reason of them being a treath to them. A treath can mean only talking about free Palestine and something like that.
To Israel it doesnt matter if the "treath" is young or old, with family or alone, girl or a boy, they take who ever they wants and keeps them as long as they wants!
If the prisoners is his or her familys only one who has a job; the rest of the family will suffer hunger, but Israel doesn't care a thing like that.
Many humanrights activists and organisations has judged USA for Guantanamo and places like that, they must also judge Israel for the same thing. And maybe they have, but we dont get much information about things in Palestine.

I hope from all my heart for this diary to reach all corners of this world and open eyes to these unfair actions what take place in Palestine every single day!
And I know; someday; we all judge people who have done this, as we judged what happened in Rwanda year 1994. And we shouldnt forget anyone, we are all creation of God and we are all as precious, no matter what religion or color we are!

We westerns tend to think we are more intelligent then the others, but we are not. Our fiction of our intelligence blindes us from seeing the fact that we are even more brutal then the others. We let someone to modify our image of Palestinians and other nations in similar situation, we believe the news about defence against terrorism and don't see the true side of that "terrorism". We westerns seem not to have mind of our own, we blindly approve one sides story as the truth and condemn the other without any evidence or hearing! And we call our selves intelligent :D

Sometimes, now even more and more, I feel ashamed to be Finnish, to be white, to be European. The more i know, the more I'm ashamed..