I still haven't heard from my friend. I'm scared of maybe something bad had happened to her..

I've heard from other people that Israel has poisoned some fields so the Palestinians will lose their harvest.
Very nice truce, right?
Also they shot dead another 17 year old boy, because of throwing rocks to Israeli army who intruded their village in northern West Bank.
Israeli army also went shooting to that other 17 year old boys funeral..

Now I wan't to write few words about some of us. Here in Northern Europe at least; and maybe in USA too; because I've notised a thing in some peoples believes.
We have this image of Palestinians as hostile people who continuously attack Israel on Israelis side.
I would like to correct this image a bit; Palestinians are not hostile people or stupid to harm them selves that way, why would they? If you would have time and interrest to see from internet for example, you will find that Palestinians do not attack Israel in Israelis side. They do not attack innocent Israel at all.
Israel is invading every day to towns, cities and villages in Palestinians territories and arresting people with no reason, destroying their homes, living and agriculture, stealing their land and killing innocent people. But for some reason they don't show us this side in the news!
And when the Palestinians defend them selves, their human rights; we see in the news hostile Palestinians attacking. And that is wrong! You all know that is wrong!
But some people don't wanna see the truth. Why??
Would it hurt too much to your heart too to admit that we have allowed this to happen for 60 years!
Would it hurt too much to admit that we have allowed innocent civilians suffer for 60 years infront of our eyes and we did nothing to stop it?
Yes; it hurts. To my heart it hurts so much!

I know maybe some of my friends or friends of my friends think me as a bad person to stand up for the people of Palestine. I know some people in my city don't wan't to have anything to do with me anymore because I'm standing on the side of the Palestinians.
Some people may think I've gone crazy. Some of them may even think me as a criminal or maybe even worse; as a terrorist.
Some of the people wonder, why is she on the side of terrorists?

But I know my conscience is clean. I know I'm doing the right thing. I know Palestinians are not terrorist. I know Islam is not religion of hate or war. I know there is not one right thing the Israelis do on the land of Palestine. I know you would think exact the same if you only would have courage to find the right information! If you would have the courage to question the "truth" what the sinlge sided media shows us. If you had the courage to stand against the majority and open your eyes to see the real truth!

Many people don't. Even if they do know the truth, they have no courage to say it out loud, because the image of terrorists Palestinians has been planted so deep in our minds that to say something opposite would instantly cost you the loss of your friends, your sanity, maybe even your social network. You wouldn't be "one of us" anymore, you'd be one of "them" the "terrorist lover" a bad person. Some people may even think you might go and blow up someplace..

So this is what I wan't to change!
I wan't all the world to know that the Palestinians are not terrorist, they are just ordinary people, families; trying to live their life in occupied, sieged land.
And many of them have born under the occupation, many of them have lost their homes. Many of them have lost a family member or many. All of them are tired and scared of the situation there, many of them suffer poverty because of the situation.

So I think it's inevitable to have conflicts between the Israel military and the Palestinians.
And I don't think it's a crime to defend their right to exist. Palsetinians have the right to live too!