I watched this documentary what reveales how Israel hides the truth about Palestinians resisting occupation by violence whitch is the only way left for them to defend them selves from strong Israel. Israel controls news and shapes them to look like the Palestinians attacks against Israel on Israelis soil and Israel is defending it self from vicious terrorists. This document proves Israel threthning journalists, jews and anyone who tries to tell the real truth about the Israel occuppieing Palestinian land, killing Palestinian women and children, demolishing Palestinian homes and acting against humanity in every possible way. This document made me cry. I have learned about this cruelty by searching information, but what I did not know was that Israel is systematicly stealing other lands and hiding the truth by killing more innocent people and doing it even more bad way then any genoside or other crimes has ever be done!
Now I truly realise the terrorist of the world is not any group what usa defines as terrorist groups, but Israel only and its allyes and anyone who closes their eyes from this.
The more i get in this, the more i found information about this; the more i wonder.. if there even exists terrorists in this world.. Israel seems to have a lot of energy on making the truth look different.. who knows.. maybe they have made the terrorist acts too, or if not made them they sure know how to use those in media for them!
Actually.. what I have found today.. about all the people who has been killed by Israel because of trying to spread the truth.. I'm starting to be little scared too..

I had a change to talk with my friend today and I'm touched of her writings and I feel quilty of having so easy life while others have lost all including their humanity! I wish there was more I could do but to write my thoughts to this blog in hope of more people to read this and take action to stop this. I even wrote an email to my countrys minister for foreign affairs and asked him to give me an answer what I too can understand on why is Israel allowed to do their actions. I doubt that I will ever be answered, but It's better to do things and hope than to do nothing.
From google and youtube you can find so many documents and videos about the real truth what is happening for example of Rachel Corrie videos where she tells to witness killings of innocent childrens on Palestine soil by Israeli soldiers and where she tries to stop bulldozers to demolishing houses of Palestinian people and eventually get killed by her self by one and this is just one example. By these words you can find many videos:
Occupation 101
The Iron Wall
The Gaza Strip
Tradegy in Holyland, the second uprising
Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised the land
The Wall of Hate
Concrete Curtain
Jenin Jenin
Rachael Corrie
Detail, Avenge But One of My Two Eyes.
Palestine is still the issue

Under these links are pictures of dead Palestinians who was murdered in Sabra and Shatila refugee camp in year 1982
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And here are pictures to Palestine now
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and you can find hundreds of more.. all telling the same story; there are no terrorists in Palestine, there are only humiliated and frustrated people trying to keep their lives and homes against brutal and savage occupier who it self is even worse then the nazis. In many reports has testified that what Israel is doing is against all human rights, so why are we allowing it to continue? Are we afraid of them?
..who knows.. maybe it will someday be our land what will be taken by brutal force??