I've heard there might be truce now between Palestine and Israel. I've also heard there is no electricity or internet now in Palestine. Maybe truce means no shooting but all other ways of controlling Palestine is even more in use now?
I'm little bit disappointed now. I hope they could soon live better life there!

I'm going to the mosque today with Finnish Muslim sisters to learn basics of arabic writing. I'm very exited and cannot wait! My kids come with me this time, I hope they are not so wild there as they are at home!! I also go to my citys market place to buy some fruits and vegetables because we have midsummer here this weekend and I promised to go to my friends and neighbours house to barbeque and celebrite that.
I have had this idea of picture collection of our sunset at midsummer because my friends from other countrys have never seen sunset like we have here at midsummer. Up north at Lappland it would look amazing because sun dont go down at all for the whole night, it's called nightless night, but here at south as I live at the bottom of Finland by the sea, here the sun goes down for a while, but it comes up after short while and I wish to take pictures of that and make a collection of them to show how it actually happens! So I'm exited to see if I can manage it as I hope or not.
I miss my friends from Palestine.. I haven't heard from them again in two days I think.. I hope you all are ok there and you are safe and healthy!
I am thinking of you all the time and praying all the best for you too. I hope I see you online soon to hear the latest news from there and to see you are ok :)
I'll go get ready now to leave to the market...