I was just reading my dear friends posts and what a powerfull poem that was; thank you dear!
I read about those 2 student boys from internet news this morning, what a tragedy again!
Yesterday I was surfing thru internet and reading all I could get from those foreign civilians who have been murdered by Israel and even the amount is very little compared to Palestinian lives, it was painful to read.
I found this site about children killed in both sides, Palestine and Israel, statistics monthly from both sides. http://www.rememberthesechildren.org It tells a story of it's own: total death's of Israeli children since year 2000 is 119 and Palestinian children 982 and that site was updated in february this year. That is more than 1000 innocent children killed in this!
And how many adults??
I read this morning the news, it said USA, Russia, EU and UN all demand Israel to stop building Jerusalem! I'm waiting to see if that happens. I read news from other sites and there I see the Israeli bulldozers started to raze agricultural lands in the village of Beit Hanina At-Tahta to construct a new part of the separation wall on the village lands and Israeli army bulldozers uprooted more than two hundred olive trees in north Jerusalem. Isn't this getting ready to build more settlements??
Seems that Israel doesn't care what the others say about their actions, it continues like a steamer unable to stop!
And how funny is that USA begs Israel to stop and with other hand it keeps Israel going!
When will the world see this two faced dilemma?
Will the world respond to that?

I read also news about Israel getting ready to attack Iran, missiles are fixed for nuclearheads and is planning "precautionary" attack against Iran's 6 nuclear plant, ofcourse with USA's silent authorization.
I wonder what happens to Iranian civilians?

I don't know if you have heard about guy named Nostradamus, but he made famous predictions about our worlds future, some people believe some of them has come true too. He predicted our wordl to see 3 very very evil leaders, one of them maybe was Napoleon. On of them maybe was Hitler. The third he predicted to come from the Middle East and to be the worse of them all. He is to lead our world to world war 3.
I don't know weather those predictions is to believe or not, but I do know that Israel and US seem to slowly and one by one to attack all the arab countrys in Middle East or that how it looks to me anyway.
I don't know what that means, I'm not a politician. And I don't know why they do so?
To me seems like USA is the disobedient brat of the world who has lost the control of it's rabies'd Rottweiler. And they say we are at war against terror? Yes we are, but who are we in this matter and who is the breeder of terror?

Some rulers in this world seems to think only they are allowed to have heavy weaponry and nuclear weapons. Only they have the right to be right. Only they have the right to defend them selves and only their people have human rights.

So, I ask again from my self; who is in suchs a position that can declare that a life born on this and that country is more valuable that a life born somewhere else? Who has the absolute truth of something that can say their way of life and living is better and more rightfull then someone elses? And I'm not even going to religions in this, because I believe everyone has the right to believe what ever they choose, it is not mine or enyone else's business to judge or say their are right or wrong!

I know some of our readers thinks this is a religious blog; I don't see much religion here.
I only see human rights, what should be to all human in this world, stamped deep in to the mud of our earth, so deep even the earth it self is crying out of the pain! But those leaders who are standing at the mountains now, do not care about it, they only wanna keep their mountains and stamp the little ones even more.

I hope and pray there will be a day when all of us could live in peace and equality on this planet. That we stop fighting about silly things and start to see the big picture.
We are all here on this relatively tiny planet and these fightings only shorten our planet's time. We all are aware of our planet's situation, about the fact that our planet is slowly heating up and dying and we don't have any place else to go.
So why wouldn't we all focus our energy and money on preventing that rather than fighting against eachother about something what at the end don't even matter? Who cares if Iran has nuclears? I'm sure they are not the ones who will fire them first! So let them have them so does many others!
Let's focus on NOT fireing them! Let's focus on the huge amount of money what USA spends on their and many others war craft, let's focus on spending them rather on planting trees to rain forrests to bring us more oxegyn and bind the carbon!
Let's focus on preventing the melting of the continental glacier and flooding the coasts of all countrys near the sea!
Shouldn't we all now take eachother's hands and start to save this small planet of our's rather than speeding it's doom?!

Who cares about our differences? I'm sure we all share the same thought to let our children and their children to live here, to have a planet to live?? Right?
I believe I can change the world! If you believe it also, then we are 2 who believe so. If we get one more to believe it, we are 3 and so on..
See; together we can save the world!
So what are we waiting for?!