Today I have been so sad.. I had to confront people online, who I have been looking up to once in my life, who I always thought to be smart people. Today I was a part of a conversation about Islam, Arabs, Muslims and so on. I was talking to people who think them selves so smart they dont even need to learn more about Islam, because they already knew it all.
Ofcourse they "knew" that all muslim people are terrorist and Islam is all about war, hate and revenge. They also Knew how muslims torture animals in the name of Allah and how suicide bombers kill innocent people all the time without any reason.
And ofcourse I am silly, stupid and complitely lost my mind and come crazy because I have converted to Muslim..
I knew this is the opinion here, what I didnt know was they dont even listen, they dont even care to know.
It made me so sad. And frustrated too.
Im happy to hear about Ahmed, he is a brave boy and I pray with him and for him and I hope someday he will be having a life what makes him happy!
Im glad that my friend found time to add videos and llinks here, I think it's important to show more documents about Palestine-Israel issue.
I see our goal is very very far and the road there will be so hard. I mean by this our goal; to let the whole world know the real truth, it's not gonna be easy.
Today proved me how hard it is to try to change people image about Islam here and I didnt even get to the Palestine issue and I'm already concidered a terrorist lover! It realle made me sad.
But what I also know, they are the only losers in that, if they dont even wanna learn the beauty of Islam, it's their loss not mine.
I hope God will give me strenght in this and to all people strugling with these things.
I hope our blog opens more eyes and makes people think about this..
I wish you luck my friend for youor exams and I hope it will be calm there for that time, I also hope Ahmed suffers no pain while he does his exams