I started my morning by watching a video about activists in Palestine whitch included few pictures of Rachel after she had been ran under bulldozer but before she had died. You find the video here.
Again this lefts me speachless, but I cannot be quiet. I feel I have to write something for Rachel and her actions what is the most brave thing to do what the world would ever know!
She stood in front of a Palestinian home while the Israelis wanted to destroy it with bulldozer. She didnt move and the bulldozer driver saw her standing there but continued to drive towards her and over her and the bulldozers blade smashed her and after a while she was dead.
I do not have words!
Rachel was a brave woman and she had the courage to stand against Israel and the injustice what they do. I hope the world would remeber her and the courage she had!
Rachel; you are my hero! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun. I wish you have peace and happiness where ever you are now..