Today I had just one ordinary day here in Finland, that includes hanging with my kids and dogs and going out with them , cleaning my home, cooking food etc.. and then my mom came to visit me and took me shopping. It is always nice to go with her because it means I get something little to my self too!

One of my friends who is Palestinian too sent me some pictures of his home town and a 6 months old baby girl who was killed in one of Israelis attacks.
I opened the pictures what showed me a lifeless little body of this girl, her face, her wounds, all of her. I saw picture of her griefing father next to her white body and face what didnt look calm and peacefull but more like she had been suffering and agony before the life ran out of her.
Maybe someone of her town had thrown a rock towards Israeli soldiers or fired a rocket to Israelis side or maybe Israelis just had a bad day and felt like to shoot towards the place where she had been.
I don't know the circumstances of that incidence, but I do know this could have been prevented if the world would have any heart towards the nation of Palestine.

Most of the westerns think it is Palestinians fault this war.
I ask; what are they guilty for? To be born there centuries ago? Or to be born there today? Are they guilty of not giving up or maybe guilty of resisting Israel?
Does Israel have any legal right to take this land?
What ever the reason is, legal or not, who ever is guilty to what ever; there never will be a reason or justification to focus any violence or war activity to civilians what has been happening there every single day for years now!

The soldiers change there, some of them are there for few months, some of them longer, but the people of Palestine are living there since they are born till they die. What kind of a life is that? To them it is normal life, to me it is hell on earth and what makes it even worse then hell is there is no devil punishing the people, there are people; humans punishing other humans, torturing, humiliating, controlling and exploiting with out any mercy; any sympathy towards it's own kind, without any human feelings..

Their conscience don't feel any regret when they destroy a house of a family. They don't feel remorse or emphaty when they see mothers, fathers, childrens, infants, grandmoms and grandpaps leaving without any shelter, any food, any clothing, any humanity..
Many families lose all they have, their land, their plantation, their home, their posessions leaving them only what they can possibly find from the ruins of what once was their home.
Why they do this? Why they destroy the other's property to build up their own houses instead? Is their posessings more valuable then the others? Are they intitled to something more then we; the rest of the world?
I have no understanding on what they do. And the more I study this subject; the more I only have questions because the more I learn, the more I see the Israelis as criminals.

I havent spoken to my friend today. Again there is cuts in electricity I think. Or maybe they have been attacked again?
I hope you are alright and your family too. I hope your town has been calmer now days. I hope you have strenght to go thru this, to live your life there as full as you can. I cannot even imagine the days you see and live. I can only hope that God has given you strenght and vitality to not sink under this overwhelming misery and see something happy and joyfull in your days. If I could send you happiness and energy I would give you all I have! If I could take away your pain and sorrow I would absorb it all inside of me untill I was heavy as the lead. If I could give you one day of my life I would do it in a heart beat! If I could stop this exploitation I would do anything in my power to do it!
But there is only little one can do and I promise from my heart I'll try to do my best in it! I can only hope and pray it helpes even little...