Meanwhile all the news concentrate on the truce the Israelis continue killing Palestinians and destroying all of their history by burning and digging up historical olive trees whitch are several hundreds of years old and goes all the way back to the Roman times!
Also regardless of what Israel promised to supply gasoline to Palestine, they havent, not as much as they promised anyway.
Yesterday they shot dead a 17 year old boy because people was throwing rocks towards Israelis heavy military invasion to their village.

To me the meaning of the word Israel is changing its meaning more and more. Once upon a time word Israel was something historical, but now it starts to represent more like what I recall nazism. Unfair military activism. Keeping themselves somehow supreme and permitted to do things what others would never be allowed to do!
Now the word Israel gives me the chills and brings to my mind at the first image of terror and scare. Nothing noble or historical in it. More like a stain in our world.

I wonder how they forgot the pain they them selves suffered not so long ago?
Maybe it wasn't so painfull at all??
Or maybe they wan't to revenge??

If you had witnessed such a mass demolition of a nation, would you do the same to someone else?
Or would you feel the pain like yesterday?
Could you let someone else to suffer the same thing??
I know I certainly couldnt! Even I'm not a jew nor have I suffered nothing like them did, I could never let anyone in this wotld to go thru anything like that again!
I have watched documentarys of that too, looked pictures from Auchwitch and read about that in school and from net and books.

As the nazis cold blooded shot kids and women, as they gave gas to them in death camps where was no escape; so the Israelis shoot Palestinian kids and women now in a country where is no escape out, no safe place to go!
Israelis kill civilians in to their own homes!
Whole land of Palestine is a big death camp! No one gets out!! Their home has turned into this big fencing where inside are the random targets of Israel!
Even unarmed foreign activists end up dead!
I wonder how Israel justifies that?

60 years of occupation..