Today i made a cake of strawberries and enjoyed a nice sunny day out at my balcony and let my neighbours have my cake too. I found alarming message from my facebook wall; my friend from Palestine had written something quickly and I felt something very very bad happening in her city right that moment!
Now I feel so little and helpless, what can I do, how may I know what is happening there at this moment?
All different kinds of feelings go thru my head and heart, others make me cry, others make me angry. Now it's easier to understand Palestinian people's actions, resistance against this unfair enemy who has no mercy upon human life.
We here at Finland don't get to hear in news what happenes there; it's so far away some say. It's been forever; others say. In my heart I know how much it hurts to be forgotten. How it feels to suffer from volunimous violence in front of all witnesses, but no one dares to stand for them, even if they all know what happens is wrong.
I think we all are cowards, specially the people who has the power to speak out to the big public.
I feel so sad.
I feel so sad, because people there find it normal. For them it's normal life that u see someone get shoot next to you, even if it is a little girl on her way to school. For them it's normal not to get treatment if they are sick. For them it's normal to live in chaos, to see soldiers tease and bother people on their daily affairs, to see and hear awful things around you, to live in fear.
To us it's too far away..