I have been so tired today and felt like I wanna do nothing! I have been thinking light stuff and heavy stuff, I've been thinking my own life too..
One of my friends is engaged now to a Palestinian man. I wish all the luck and love in the world to them!
This made me think my own situation.. I've been alone now more than three years. I think it starts to get me.
Here in Finland usually man and woman are pretty much equal, both are responcible of home and family and everything included to those.
I don't like that!
I like the Islam way; man is the leader of the family and makes the decisions with the help of his wife. I wish I had a man in my life in whos hands I could trust mine and my children's life. Someone who would share respocibilitys with me and who would keep us safe and take care of us. Someone who would let me be me and who would treat my like a princess. Maybe there is no man like that, maybe I only wanna be with my dreams?

Today my daughter came behind me when I was searching pictures from internet about Palestinian children. She saw some pic's of dead children and childrean with toy guns and Hamas ribbons on their heads. She wanted me to explain why some soldiers had masks and some didn't.
We had a talk about all of those things and about the truth hidden inside Palestine borders, then she asked me; why don't I tell the truth to everyone! And I told her about this blog. And she was happy that her mom trys to help these people! That made me so happy too!

I hope she grows up to be active person.
She already has declared as very very young age that she will save this planet, she will invent something to stop contamination of this planet and heating too ;)
I wish there were more kids like her.