20th of June
tonight i can see the moon perfectly sparkling in the night sky, it's beautiful. and tonight we have electricity .
i have three younger sisters, we all sleep in one room, my youngest sister gets scared of the dark so we don't turn off the light around bed time when we have electricity or we keep the candles burning when we don't have electricity. it's almost midnight and she's been asleep since the time that the birds went to sleep in, i want to turn off the light because the moon is reflecting the sun's light which will lighten our room in a way that makes me feel as if I'm sleeping on a could, with the sky as the roof, no walls around and the breeze of the night whispering life. tonight there is no shooting, but there is a campaign of arresting some people all over the west bank...i guess that wasn't part of the truce! at the same time Israel is preparing some laws to take over more territories in Jerusalem. i haven't seen Jerusalem for five years now, i really miss it, i miss praying there, i miss my friends, i miss my family members who live there. people who hold a green I.D are not allowed to go to Jerusalem...another discrimination tactic. those who hold a Jerusalem I.D. are threatened by Israeli forces to take it away from them in the attempt of making Jerusalem a Judaic state, the rate of withdrawing I.Ds from Jerusalem residents has increased to 500% since the start of it all in 1995. the Israeli government wont allow anyone to construct their homes, or leave them [so you can not go to the west bank nor have a house out of the country] if you do any of that your ID as a citizen in Jerusalem will be taken away! oh talking about Jerusalem is not an easy thing, it's more complicated than talking about this whole universe. tonight I'm thankful that i have a chance to sleep under the moon's light rather than helicopters'.