this time i'm writing in school what i have seen the past couple of days to post it later when God wills, my days are very busy and i hardly get anytime to write, my uncle is still very sick, at the same time i dont get to visit him much, work is taking most of my time, i get out of the house at 800am to get back at 500pm between work in the morning and school in the afternoon. fortunately i get Fridays as a break. it is busy and makes me very tired when i get home but ... i'm thankful that i get to help and still keep my education. the weather is hot these days and summer is a season that many families take advantage of to visit other family members, one of my friends is a married young woman with a twin, 1 year old. she took them to their grandmother's house the day before yesterday. the whole family gathered in that old house, all laughing and enjoying the moment of being together, they even sent one of the other kids [13 years old] to buy some more of that sun flower seeds, he got down the stairs, out of the house, walked a bit and there was a gun pointed at his head. he said; "when i looked around i saw them everywhere most of them were surrounding our neighbor's house, they had a ladder to climb to the balcony of the next house", they came out of the trees and a helicopter followed them from above with that awful sound that only means one thing; they are here to either demolish houses or kill some people. the Israeli soldier who was pointing his M16 on the boy said "run and i will start shooting", the boy ran as if he never ran before, he got to the house and because he was scared he forgot to shut the door in his way up stairs, he ran to my friend and hid behind her shacking, the family didnt know what happened they thought he was just kidding... but he wasn't and he forgot the door open which meant if the Israeli soldiers got inside the house no one would hear them coming. he told what happened, everyone in the house started to get ready to a break-in, my friend and her mother woke up the kids who were asleep with their cousins on the balcony, they opened all the windows in case the Israelis bomb any near by houses, which they did. the Israelis came with bulldozers this time and asked for a man after surrounding his family's house with tanks supported by a helicopter from above, the man immediately turned himself in asking from the Israelis not to demolish the house of his old parents but there was no use in saying that, he was gone, his wife was crying and the Israelis started shooting at the house to make everyone get out and what a way to ask people to get out of their own house! everyone was out, the young and the old, the child and the baby .. everyone was out in the middle of the night to see their house, their life savings, their rooms and their furniture all gone in a matter of an hour. the Israelis did not stop they started demolishing neighbors' houses, for NOTHING they have done but building their house next to that family's house! one of those neighbors is a young working woman who's parents died years ago, she just bought a car but the bulldozer destroyed the stairs of her house on her car. the old olive trees, the beaches and the apples all gone. i always wondered from where does Israel get all these ideas of destruction?! it's very ironic how history repeats itself but it's more ironic that the 60 years old Israel have caused all this destruction and murder to break a new record in entering history... i believe no one should be proud of making such a history written by another nation's blood and tears! no one should stand and watch this happening!
the earth is a witness...
the sun, the moon
the night and the day
what else should i say
to make you at least ... pray