Here at my parents home I can see almost every satellite channel in the world and I always watch so much documentarys while I'm visiting them.
Yesterday I watched a documentary of Apache helicopters, how they are made by hand every single step and how advanced they are with their big radars and nose what can see 19 kilometers ahead and it can see in dark too as clear as in daylight.
It's database compares everything the apache sees and scans it and tells the pilot if it is friendly or enemy, if it is a car or a tank and so on..
To me it seems so amazingly wise warmachine, that it would be nearly impossible to mis a target with it.
Every Palestinian knows this and knows the truth behind this thing too, but here I am, wondering again..
How come those brilliant wise apaches shoot so much in to the crowd or straight to someones houses?
Ofcourse all Palestinians knows the answer to that too, but I'm asking; do they do it on purpose??