It's been a long time since I sat at my home infront of my pc and we're thinking on what to write here this time..
I usually read some news about Palestine every day to stay up to date what is going on there, I also watch videos and documetarys nearly every day too.
To me Palestine has become something that is with me all the time in my life now, not one hour goes by without of me thinking or speaking about the Palestinian issues. And I think I'm not the only one; one night I saw a document of Danish woman who had a "crush" on Palestine, she had been there as an peace activist and had done many things for Palestine.
My dream is to visit Palestine some day. I wish to meet my friends who live there and ofcourse I wish to take a lot of pictures from there too!

Sometimes I can sit here for hours to look at pictures related to Palestine. Usually those pictures are very sad and makes me feel sick and angry, sometimes I get lucky and find a happier one.
Many who I have asked to read this blog have told me later that they couldn't look at some pictures we have here, but I think it's good to look at them to know the real pain, not just words and stories, but the awful pictures too. Ofcourse the stories and the pictures can never be compared to what it is to live in those conditions, to grow up there, but I always say to my self; if you dont look, you cant know and if someone has gone thru that pain the least I can do is to look the pictures, so I always see everything even if it makes me feel sick to my stomack. It gives me energy to write and talk about it.

I hope the awareness grows and more people would speak out about their concernes and this way makes the propaganda and hiding a bit more difficult to Israel.

From news I have read that the politicians are little more hopefull to this truse than before, so I wish this would hold now and forever!
I'm thinking about Palestine whitch would be free and peacefull, where people could make a living again as they once was and where would be nice to raise children and make a family. But I guess it would take many many years to build a healthy society, heal all the wounds. This war has been going on so long that it is so deep inside Palestine and Palestinian's lifes and minds that it maybe never heales properly. It will take so many years of processing in so many levels. If we think only the children; from where they could get an example of living a normal life? Everybody in Palestine has some sort of trauma, I'm sure of that, so everybody there needs somekind of help and no one will heal from these kind of nightmares over a week or not even in a year! And what about their homes and schools and works and all the water and other technics what humans needs in their daily lifes? We will need the whole world to help Palestine to recover, it will take so many years and so much money and effort, but I'm sure it can be done!
Maybe many people don't know, but once upon a time Finland was a developing country, we didn't have food or anything else either, coffee was made out of wood and children didn't have shoes or school books. But the world helped us and here we are today!

We Finnsih people should know how it feels when ten times more powerfull enemy attacks on you and takes your land since it has happen to us too. In Finlands history was a time when the great Russia wanted our land and we fought back only with few men and eccuipment what was old and not working correctly. Russia had ten men against our one and they had airoplanes so many and we had only few and our planes didn't even work because it was winter and sometimes -40 celsius, but we won that war and we got our freedom, even we lost few parts of our country, but we recovered from it!

That was a long time ago, my grandfathers fought in that war, but I have heard stories about it.
Many Finnish people don't like to talk about it, it still hurts too much and our war too was full of crimes and secrets; from both sides..