Someone very special to me might be going to Palestine in these days. Ofcourse I'm exited about that, I've already asked to take thousand of pictures for me from all over, but also I'm little scared because I'm not sure if it's yet safe to go there. Ofcourse it is home and if it were my home, nothing would stop me from going. I can only wish a safe trip and safe return home!

I hope someday it would be me who was going to visit Palestine, it would be interresting to see all those historical places and walk on the soil of this controvercial country. Palestine history holds so many sad stories from it's near history, but for longer in it's past I'm sure it was almost like paradise! If only the land could talk and tell us all the stories she knows..
So much wrongness is happening in this world, Palestine is only one of them. Maybe this war has been going on the longest though..

World is a funny place, we set all these rules, but actually very few follows them really. We have rules about military things, about bombs and about many others, we have set rules about human rights and enviroment, bnut there is always one or few disobedient countrys who refuse to follow our mutual rules. Like USA dont want to follow the line of these enviromental rules about emission and Isreal then again dont wan't to follow our rules about humanrights, but there is so little the world can do to these disobedients, we can jugde them in public by words, but we cannot do anything to make them obey. Where is the fairness in this? I can give you an answer; there isn't anything fair in this..