before anything.. i would like to thank you my friend for being so caring and so kind to us, i am sorry about what you have been through because of all this; the sadness, the worries and above all the change of treatment from people around you. i pray that the truth shines it's light some day upon all of us in this world and speaks for you and us. it's been such a long 2 past weeks with a lot of news regarding the situation, tears have overcame my eyes many times lately not because i was weak [we all are at some point], it was because of the ignorance and the way the media manipulates this whole thing. the media is a huge weapon now adays, a weapon that not many are aware that it's aiming at them! the events here are endless that i cant state them all but i want to talk about the day the president of France was leaving Tel-Aviv. president Nicolas Sarkozy visited the West Bank and met with our president [Mahmoud Abbass] they chatted about a new solution that includes Jerusalem as a capital for 2 countries [Palestine and Israel] and president Sarkazoy explained that he disagrees with the building of new settlements on Palestinian lands [which is very brave from France's side], he then went to Tel-Aviv to discuss that with the Israeli side, while he was leaving the airport with his wife gun shots were heard and all the guards ran to him asking him to get into the plane!
next day in the news it said that a soldier had killed himself while the frensh president was leaving past Tuesday! well; in between the lines let's ask ourselves why would a normal soldier kill himself at that time and place and while no one is paying attention to him?!! what caused that guard to do such a thing? and most importantly how would it be suicide if the fire came from a far distance?!!! if Charles De Gaull was alive, would he believe that that soldier killed himself?
maybe i was not there when the whole thing happened, for sure i am not a politician nor i am an investigator but; i'm not dump nor i am blind. to me it's not a surprising thing for the Zionists who killed their own president Isaac Rabin while [singing with his people] and after signing a peace agreement with the Palestinian side to kill another country's president for trying to work some solutions with the Palestinian side...i guess the settlers weren't happy with that! this is not accusing anyone this is logical thinking... words that hit my brain in it's way while searching for peace!
as for the truce the countless breaks by Israeli side are very clear on the news' sites that we have on this blog, they are discussing the decision of exchanging some children, women and other prisoners for the release of an Israeli soldier held by Hamas. gas is still coming very short that hardly covers any basic needs of Gaza Strip with the 1.4 million human being; people who breathe like you do, not much food nor all of the agreed on checkpoints-to-open opened. i do not know what's going to happen after the end of the truce becomes declared. seems we're lost in an eye of a tornado, called "terrorists" because we are there facing death with no where else to go but try survive the cone of destruction, what a world to be in!