Many of my friends in Palestine are students and are trying to edugate them selves more, but it is not easy, when you are not allowed to leave the Gaza strip to go to your university in Europe or somewhere else. Many people has passport and visa and they have been accepted to university to study more, but they cannot go because israel won't let them.
Israel is doing everything in their power to make Palestinians suffer for being Palestinians! And the news reports only tells us happy stories about truce and opened borders. Again thei forget to tell that it is still israel who tells who can go and who can't. Obviously very few can..

What about all those villages and towns what have been saperated and isolated from eachothers? Roads has been cut and connections too and neighbour villagers cannot see eachothers because of Israel and ofcourse they have many roadblocks on the only way to neighbourtown and guess is it easy to pass those?
So the life of a Palestinian is made as hard as it can be. Most of the jobs are behind the separation wall or destroyed and for the few people who has still got a job it has been made nearly impossible to come and go there. And if you dont have a job, then it's even worse, everybody is in need of something, money, food, electricity, gasoline and so on, if you are poor and dont have a job where do you get your food and living? Borrow from a neighbour who needs to borrow from their neighbour who will go to a shop to see the empty shelfs? Even if you somehow survive and stay alive in this the constant house raiding and capturing people would keep you as a nerves wreck scared when it's your turn. And even if you survive that, then maybe one day you or your familymember gets shot dead for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sounds pretty much a life what anyone would kill NOT to have. There is 1,5 million people living in Gaza and more in West Bank, that is how many human is having a life as I described.