it's been long since we last chatted, i miss our talks and your kids' news =)
i hope that things are all going well with you and your family, i also hope we would get to talk soon maybe this Sunday.
it's amazing how things change around us, our environments, people, places... everything changes. i remember when i used to check this blog to read about your day, it always made happy to hear your happy news =) i would imagine your day and be there watching from a cloud or from behind the sun all seemed beautiful and colorful, the photos in the slide show helped me, i would check the slide show of your photos many times to see how wonderful Finland is and what a great artist you are. i would love to see these photos and more of your work in the slide show, to me they always represented the happy side of this blog, let's put them with the photos about Palestine maybe that will help balance my day here =)
i want to share something with me where ever i see a smile i smile, my life is too short to fear living a happy moment therefore i have to make my happy moment even if it didn't exist, and you always helped me do that. i want you to know that you are making a difference and changing this world to be a better place... at least for me and my family.
my dear friend; i thank you for caring, i thank you for supporting, writing, reading about and praying for Palestine, i thank you for being my friend, i thank you for sharing my life, and for making me smile through the hard times =) thank you for being a light breaking a dark night.

to us .. you are unforgettable