in a normal day it takes me about 20 minutes to get to school, but in palestine not everyday is a normal day. today it took us more than an hour and a half to get to school because a new checkpoint was created on the way, there are some projects of building new settlemenst around the West Bank and Jerusalem. speaking of Jerusalem today 2 Israeli Policemen were shot in Jerusalem by a small gun owned by an unanimous, other news would be what happened the past week in one of the villages in the West Bank where some settlers held a laborer and tide him into an electricity column and started beating him. another thing that you might not have heard of happened the day before yesterday when Ziyad Fararjah died in prison after suffering a heart attack, though the management of the Israeli prison knew perfectly his medical conditions and did not agree on any outside treatment but IGNORED his condition to let him face death away from his family, to kill him slowly! he joined the train of those who died in prison because of bad treatment and ignoring any medical-checks protocols for prisoners... another critical and important issue in the Palestinian Israeli conflict that everyone should be aware of.
getting back to what i started; teachers don't say much when you are late here; they know better. a lot of students get late because of checkpoints or like my friend who was late because the Israelis took over their house the whole night and put all of her family in a small room and closed it on them, so they [the Israeli soldiers] can "focus" on shooting on other houses. teachers get late sometimes too, maybe because an Israeli soldier didn't like the course they teach or the books they carry. i recall when i once was stopped by an Israeli soldier because after he checked my school bag he didn't like the logo of the campaign that gives lower price books for needed students which had the map of Palestine. a lot of stops on checkpoints, a lot of nights with no sleep, a lot of times worrying about family members and friends, all times living a Palestinian life!