Yesterday a videoclip was broadcasted around the world where an Israeli soldier shot a rubber coated bullet from close range to a leg of an activist. Now the father of this girl who filmed this incident has been arrested. Not surprise me though, but I thought maybe people should know.. You can read all about it here .
The other day I also read from the news that the Israli settlers had fired a rocket to the Palestinians side, I wonder where is the terrorist news about that??!!

I've got nice email from my friend from Palestine, she wrote how she is studying hard to get a scolarship. Im so proud of you! I hope you get it and I hope your responsibilities doesn't make you too tired. I wish I could help somehow.
What a brave woman she is, at the same time she goes to work to help her family and has exams for her school plus for the scolarship and the same time Israel is making her life misarable by capturing people and making roadblocks and taking more land. But those might be little things, I'm so worried about the health of Palestinians! The water is so dirty, actually it might be even the dirty water of the new Israeli settlers what they run to Palestinians side? And all the garbage too! Many health organisations is too worried about this too. It will lead Palestine and maybe others too to a new crisis soon! Sometimes I get so angry towards Israel that I wish someone would blow a big bomb there, but I know that this is wrong way to think and more wrong way to deal this situation..
But I think Palestine has got a little more visibility now in the news, atleast I have read from our daily newspaper a bit more news from Palestine now than before and from tv has come 2 documents about it too, one today and one yesterday! I think this is progress! I hope it continues this way too!