It's been few days again not to talk with my friend in Palestine. I hope everything is ok there, or atleast not too bad.
For me reading the news from Palestine and Israel has become a new every morning routine. To stay up to date about what happens there and what does not.
One village in West Bank has been forced under constant curfew for demonstrating against the construction of the separation wall.
So; I see Israel will continue those violations against humanity and Palestinians will continue to suffer because of Israel. Not much has change then after the ceasefire.
When will the peace return?
I think Israel want's all of Palestine to them selves and ofcourse only jews would be perfect citisens there, but do they honestly think that if they succeed to conquer the whole land that everyone would let them live there in peace? Do they think it belongs to them? I don't think Palestinians will let them to have it and destroy all historical places in it. Palestinians have stood strong so far and I know they will in the future too!

I wish the world would see what is going on now.. Israel and Usa are planning "anti terrorist" actions in Sahara too. Usa want's to have a military position there too. Looks to me that Usa and Israel are on their way to conquer the whole world, atleast the whole world of not white people.
There is only militants who has been there soon 20 years by athority of UN and suddenly they are terrorists?? Why this sounds so familiar to my ears??
Between the lines I can read; If you are not like us, then you are nothing, you are not human and you have no rights, we wan't to sweep you off from this planet, you have no right to exist here!?
Isn't that some sort of racism too?
How long the world will let those idiots to run this world? Obviosly here will never be peace if this continues! If they are not fighting in Palestine, then they will be at war with someone else! Their stupidity really pisses me off now and I apologise my rude language, but those men who rule their military superforces act like little children in their sand box with their war dolls and transfromer tanks and they got greedy to get all the hill tops to them selves and they seems to be blinded by their adrenaline and childisheness so they have forgotten about the millions human lives living in those hill tops!
Ofcourse all powerfull men would like to be the ruler of the whole world, atleast in cartoons!

Maybe we all should consider to destroy our guns and start a new page equally and without hostility and interveneing to others matters..