tonight i'm very tired, it's getting late. i havent got much sleep lately because of work, school and family still i cant sleep now. yesterday my uncle suffered a heart attack,thanks to God he's doing much better now and ready to get home, . i'm afraid because of that i wont be able to type much, i just thought i should pay some attention to the most critical up rising crisis of the situation here.
this week a lot of people died of cancer, my mom went to 2 funerals on the same day in our neighborhood. a new crisis is on the doors of the west bank; lack of clean water. the Israelis throw their toxic waste [specially from the Dimona nuclear base] in clean Palestinian water. another way of murder! Over 200 communities in the West Bank lack access to water, while Israeli settlers in the West Bank have full access to clean running water. The inequality in the water situation in the Palestinian territories is exasperated by the fact that Israel will not allow the Palestinian to develop water sources. i think Israel's intention is as clear as the sun's eye.