I read my friends post and I searched videos of President Sarkozy in Tel Aviv's airport..
Why I am not surprised at all about this?? Why I'm not surprised that news say it was some loonatik soldier making suicide??
I had the change to talk with my friend today on msn. I sensed despair in her. I'm feeling desperate too! It is still beyond my understanding that Israel does these things and no one seem to be able to stop them.
What will happen next? This question I have been asking my self many times in these few days. I am sencing that something bad will happen, something what will stay in history.
What will happen if Israel makes "precautionary" strike to Iran? What is Iran's devastating counterstrike? Will it lead to a world war 3?
I think the whole world is on the edge of something now and we all have scary times ahead of us. More scary is life now in Palestine, I've read from the daily news how many lives are lost now in the time of truce and how many people has been captured and sent to prison.
If I could only help!

To my friend and her friends and family I wanna say; I pray for you every night and think of you every day! I wish you all have strenght to face the new morning and hope for better tomorrow! If I could make your life any easier I would do my all and more!
I'm feeling so powerless to be unable to help you more, I'm feeling frustrated and angry too. And sad and desperate. But I know nothing good can ever happen if we don't believe in it, so I will strenghten my believe in peacefull Palestine and I hope you do too and I will challenge the whole world to believe in it, so maybe it will someday happen!

I see now that we have nothing more then hope, there is no one to turn for help and no one to make them stop. We have only God who can help us in this. From Him we must ask for help.
Dear friend try to hold up there, I wish I could come and take you away from there or even give you one careless day! But all I can do is to write this blog and hope more people would read this and see how much you and your people suffer and maybe someday it will end..