I have watched many videos about Israel and Palestine today one of them was about child prisoners in Israeli prisons. I am again terrified about Israelis treating for Palestinians! Even 12 year old children are held in prison and treated as adult and waiting 2 years to be sentenced! That is agaisnt israelis own laws and ofcourse laws world wide! I am more convinced that Israel is doing silent holocaust to Palestinians. I also watched a document about Sabra and Shatila, a refugee camps in Lebanon at the year 1982 where Israelis let Christian militants invade the camps and kill about 800 to 3500 refugees men women and children. I read a story what was written by a man who had gone there to investigate, I don't remeber if he was a journalist or doctor, but he describet what he saw like this: " All he could say as he walked round was "Jesus Christ" over and over again. We might have accepted evidence of a few murders; even dozens of bodies, killed in the heat of combat. Bur there were women lying in houses with their skirts torn torn up to their waists and their legs wide apart, children with their throats cut, rows of young men shot in the back after being lined up at an execution wall. There were babies - blackened babies babies because they had been slaughtered more than 24-hours earlier and their small bodies were already in a state of decomposition - tossed into rubbish heaps alongside discarded US army ration tins, Israeli army equipment and empty bottles of whiskey."
This all looks and sounds to me more horrible than the holocaust of jews and I do wonder how come those Israelis are capable of doing these things to someone what they have just recovered them selves of?? Do they not have any feelings, any mercy?? Or is this a revenge from their own suffering? But why they would revenge to someone who could have nothing to do with the nazis??

These days the situation of Palestinians has become almost unbearable. Many people sleep during the day because it has become too scary to sleep at night when the Israeli soldiers come and raid houses and take prisoners. They take who ever they wan't and torture them too. It don't matter if you are young boy or elderly woman, they torture you anyway!
So many people are so scared and they don't even wan't to go outside their houses anymore. Before they we're prisoners in a big cage called Palestine, but now they are also prisoners in their own homes.

Every israeli settler, I mean regular citisens, carry heavy guns and have the right to beat or shoot Palestinians and they have. No body here at west are interrested of Israelis who have launged rockets to Palestinian villages or have fired guns to Palestinians who have been guarding their lambs or collecting harvest. Only Israelis have the right to call someone terrorists. Defending your family is a terrorist act, but shooting missiles from a chopper to childrens school class isnt, that is self defence... This is how Israel sees things and they have blinded the world too, but I hope soon we all will unite and force them to stop and have them condemned of their crimes! I only pray this will come soon..