Dear friend! Thank you so much for caring and Im so sorry not to be able to write to you. I came to my parents at the country because Im too sick to handle my home and dogs alone. I still got fever and flu.
Here has been amazing weather though and I have been taking alot of pictures of my kids and nature and flowers specially. I will show them all to you as soon as I get home. Here was also connection problems with internet, but now it's working again!
My oldest kid accomplished a new destination in her swimming school, now she is swimming grad student and has only one more goal to achieve; valedictorian grad student. I'm not sure of the words if they are rightor wrong, but maybe you understand what I mean.
My mom is on a vacation now and we are having nice time here all, dogs can run free from morning til sundown, kids can be in and out as much as they want and I can get a little rest too.
I read your posts and it makes me sad that situation has not changed so much there.. Maybe someday... We must not lose faith :)
I have to quit now and go to shop with my mom to buy strawberries for a cake :)