I have not heard of my friend, I think she might not come to write to this blog in a while. I have a feeling she might be captured or maybe she got out to find more safe place to live? My prayers are with her til the end of my time <3

Khalil's and Linda's medicines are still held outside Gaza. I have now wrote 2 emails to Egyptian embassadors for showing my concerne and support to this matter. http://www.gaza.tk/

"Khalil Al Niss and Linda Willis from Balerno, Edinburgh, spent more than 10 days travelling across Europe with an estimated 1.5 tons of medical supplies donated by Scots. But the van has been stuck at the border between Egypt and Gaza for nearly a fortnight after officials refused them entry to the territory, claiming they do not have the correct paperwork.
The couple supported by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign were destined to take the supplies for use in the hospitals of Gaza, where there is a severe shortage of basic medical necessities."

I hope they let them through soon so the sick people would get a little help.

We all can help in this and write emails , I copy this from their site the adress above (www.gaza.tk)

Khalil and Linda are still waiting in El Arish waiting for permission from Cairo to deliver the Scottish medicines to the people of Gaza.
Supporters have sent emails and telephoned the Egyptian Consulate in the UK. If you have received 'undelivered' messages when trying to send emails please try the following email addresses:

Egyptian Consulate Press Office: info@egpressoffice.com

Eva Bartlett, Daily News Egypt, July 21, 2008

Linda, a nurse in Scotland, explained the coordination with Gaza’s doctors: “We spoke with a doctor in one of Gaza’s hospitals. He’s desperate for the medicine and equipment we’re bringing. He’s particularly thrilled about the endotracheal tubes used in surgery that we are bringing as he says they are re-using the only tubes they have right now.” read full article

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Sent: 21 July 2008 16:45
To: info@egpressoffice.com
Subject: Please help to get these Scottish medicines through to Gaza

Dear Sir

I am writing to ask you to use your good offices to expedite the delivery of medicines that I and many others in Scotland collected to deliver to the desperate people of Palestine.

Khalil Al Niss and Linda Willis left Scotland on Thursday, July 10th and arrived yesterday at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

I must stress that they, and the Palestinians, enjoy great sympathy here in Scotland, where more and more people know that over 200 Palestinian patients have died in the past 12 months as a result of the siege for lack of medication or for not being allowed to leave the Gaza Strip for medical treatment.

The van with its cargo of medicine is urgently needed in Gaza. It has travelled across Europe and the Middle East to Egypt’s Rafah border with Gaza. As you know, the Israeli siege is causing critical shortages of all medical supplies, needless deaths and immense suffering. Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently visited Gaza and called Israel’s siege an ‘abomination’.

Please do not allow this delivery to be delayed any further.

We expect Egyptians to help the people of Gaza, not work to enforce Israel’s brutal siege.

Yours faithfully

Mick Napier
Scottish PSC


Please continue sending your messages.

Dear Sir,

There are many Scots here in Scotland who stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and deplore the unfair siege that is imposed on the whole population. And it is with the spirit of charity and humanity that many well-meaning Scots have sent more than a tonne of medicines with a couple named Khalil and Linda to the people of Gaza (many of whom have already died due to lack of medicines because of the unjust siege).

I write to you at the consulate because word has reached me that the medicines (and Khalil and Linda) have been barred from entering Gaza from the Rafah border point. Most disgracefully, the ones preventing the aid from reaching the innocent people of Gaza are not the Israelis in this case, but the Egyptian border police. I find it inexcusable that Egypt, (an Arab, predominantly Muslim country, and whose people are 100% in support of human rights and Palestinians' basic rights) should act so brazenly against the will of its own people, and against the basic human rights of innocent Palestinians, by helping Israel in enforcing this deadly siege.

I implore you to take actions to lift this siege. Allow the medicines through to Gaza. These medicines were driven to Rafah all the way from Scotland, do not let the good will and efforts of us in Scotland to go to waste. More importantly, do not sit idly by while more people needlessly die, go hungry, or go sick. Do not think that those responsible for this tragedy will escape accountability.

Looking forward to your positive actions,
Mohammad Al-Ashqar
Edinburgh University Palestine Solidarity Society